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Re: FW: SASL Authentication & OpenLDAP 2.0.18

At 03:52 AM 2001-12-05, Peiry, Stéphane wrote:
>Hi again ;-)
>To make it short:
>  when I want a user to be authenticated through SASL I place
>  an entry for him in OpenLDAP giving as password something
>  like:
>    dn: cn=My Name,ou=Friends,o=myorg,dc=mydc
>    ...
>    userpassword: {SASL}theuseruid
>    ...
>  If I do 'ldapsearch -LLL -U theuseruid -b "dc=mydc"' then
>  I will have to give the correct password, i.e.: as stored
>  in SASLdb.
>  If instead I force to simple authentication:
>    ldapsearch -LLL -D "cn=My Name,ou=Friends,o=myorg,dc=mydc"
>             -b "dc=mydc" -W -x
>  then I can give as password:  {SASL}theuseruid

You need to provide theuseruid's password.

>So the question is.. what am I doing wrong? (!)

did you enable SASL passwords?  (e.g., --enable-spasswd)