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Re: flad ldap

Hello Thomas,
I want to setup ldap for squid authentication.
I created database with username and passwd.
When i run for squid_ldap_auth i was not able to authenticate.
I was told that to create flat ldap namespace for users.

Following is what i done

        ldapadd -f /usr/local/var/openldap-ldbm/squid.ldif -xv -D "cn=admin,
dc=ldap, dc=squid, dc=com" -w secret
        ldapsearch -x -D "cn=admin,dc=ldap,dc=squid,dc=com" -W -b
'dc=ldap,dc=squid,dc=com' "objectClass=*" ldap

# ldap, squid, com
dn: dc=ldap, dc=squid, dc=com

# admin, ldap, squid, com
dn: cn=admin, dc=ldap, dc=squid, dc=com

# Development, ldap, squid, com
dn: ou=Development, dc=ldap, dc=squid, dc=com

# Support, ldap, squid, com
dn: ou=Support, dc=ldap, dc=squid, dc=com

# jack, Support, ldap, squid, com
dn: cn=jack, ou=Support, dc=ldap, dc=squid, dc=com

# sathi, Development, ldap, squid, com
dn: cn=sathi, ou=Development, dc=ldap, dc=squid, dc=com

                 ldapsearch -x -D
"cn=sathi,ou=Development,dc=ldap,dc=squid,dc=com" -W -b \
"objectClass=*"  ldap

Enter LDAP Password:
version: 2

# filter: objectClass=*
# requesting: ldap

# search result
search: 2
result: 0 Success

            squid_ldap_auth -b 'ou=Development,dc=ldap,dc=squid,dc=com' ldap
sathi sathi

I have attached slapd.conf and squid.ldif files
Please help me to have flat ldap.


> Hi,
> Take a look at the book "Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory
> Services". There a made some very
> good advices.
> Otherwise I cat give you a general answer because I dont know your
> requirements. For instances, what services and
> Information do you have or do you want to server with ldap ..
> maybe you can express you somewhat clearer...
> Thomas Heil
> Email: thomasheil@ba-glauchau.de

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