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Re: libmessage patch Install?

>   I've untarred the libmessage.tar.gz patch to the
>open_ldap directory and ran the patch -p0 <
>libmessage.diff command.  It failed on Hunk #1 and #3,
>but prompted whether I wanted to assume "-R" several
>times.  I answered yes instead of the default no and
>ran the config.  Typed "./configure --enable-nls
>--enable-shell --disable-debug".  I still receive the
>POSIX thread error.  Am I applying the patch wrong?
>You did not tell me where to untar the patch.  Unsure
>of what to do next?

>Ismael Sierra (newbie)

The libmessage patch provides a capability to translate LDAP error messages to the user's LOCALE and therefore had nothing to do with "POSIX thread error". You may need to check the FAQ section in OpenLDAP.org (e.g. http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?_highlightWords=thread&file=19 ) or provide more details on your specific problem, such as Operating system, level, etc.