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Re: SASL with OpenLDAP on Solaris 7 problem

Mei-Hui Su wrote:

Are you able to get sasl's sample code to run on solaris ??
Did you set your SASL_PATH ? or is that compiled into your
sasl libraries ??

When I run into 'no mechanisms" problem on solaris, I open
up the sys_log in sasl's lib/dlopen.c to see what is the returning error from the dlopen call is.


Many thanks to you, Mei-Hui, and to John Dalbec for very helpful advice.

Quick recap:
I have been getting "empty" responses when I use ldapsearch to find the list of SASL mechanisms supported by my slapd (by requesting the "supportedSASLmechanisms" object). This problem occurred on Solaris 7 but not when I compiled everything on Redhat Linux 7.2.

I seem to have found the problem:
I built cyrus-sasl and installed it in /usr/local. The install put all the default plugins (which seem to provide the various mechanisms) in "/usr/local/lib/sasl" but somehow or other the sample server (and OpenLDAP also, I assume) are looking in "/usr/lib/sasl." No plugins are found so no mechanisms are available. As a temporary fix I'm linking /usr/lib/sasl to /usr/local/lib/sasl but there is obviously something that needs to be fixed.

This could be a problem with the configure script which I ran in the following way:

CPPFLAGS="-DPOSIX_THREADS -I/usr/local/include/kerberosIV/"
./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-des=/usr/local --enable-static --enable-gssapi --enable-plain --enable-cram --enable-scram --enable-digest --with-staticsasl --with-dblib=gdbm --enable-digest

As can be seen I didn't set the plugin dir (PLUGINDIR in config.h) and it was assumed to be the default, /usr/lib/sasl. Nevertheless the installation put the plugins in the correct place, /usr/local/lib/sasl. It might be a bash/sh problem as, this being Solaris, /bin/sh is the real "sh" rather than bash "dressed up" as sh.

Anyhow I'll post more when I know how to fix it properly but anyone who has had the same problem might want to know this result immediately.