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Re: Problem with subschemasubentry

>I am very new to LDAP and OpenLDAP. I' ve got some LDIF files which
>produce errors when I execute ldapmodify.
>Here is an example entry of my LDIF file:
>dn: cn=subschemasubentry
>changetype: modify
>add: attributetypes
>attributetypes: ( 2.16.840.1.113894.7.1.1 NAME 'orclVersion' EQUALITY
>caseIgnoreMatch SYNTAX '' SINGLE-VALUE )

An application/user can't modify the subschemaentry (to my knowledge),  this
object is maintained by the DSA.  You need to define your schemas in a schema
file (usually in /etc/openldap/schema or some such place) and include it into
your slapd.conf.
>The ldapmodify command gives the following error:
>modifying entry "cn=subschemasubentry"
>ldap_modify: No such object
>ldif_record() = 32
>Which means that cn=subschemasubentry doesn't exist. So I queried the
>rootDSE and the following was reported:

In a sense it doesn't, it is a "virtual" object maintained by the DSA to permit
clients to query it's knowledge.

See ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf

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