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Re: LDAP authentication from Windows (newbie questions)

>Thank you all for your help.  That sounds like the way to go, my only
>conern is the fact that samba-tng is in alpha, but I gather from your success
>that that should not be an issue.  Did you guys run into any problems due to
>immaturity of samba-tng?

We are not using TNG (at Morrison Industries).  We are using Samba 2.2.1a + a
patch to enable LDAP.  Samba 2.2.2 supports LDAP "out of the box" but rumor has
it that it has some bug.  I haven't really looked into this as 2.2.a is working
so well.

See my LDAP presentation at
for details of exactly what we are doing.

>>>Here at Azusa Pacific University we have had much success with the
>>>Windows->Samba->LDAP approach.
>>Same for us at Morrison Industries.  It lets you support
>>for any service or platform from a single repository.  Very Nice! 
>>I'd avoid NIS,  it's old and a pain,  doesn't like WANs to well, etc...

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