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migration from Netscape Directory Server 3.* to OpenLDAP 2.*

I am new to OpenLDAP. I am getting a problem when migrating from Netscape Directory Server 3.* to OpenLDAP. Could you please suggest a solution. The problem is
We have copied existing slapd.oc.conf and slapd.at.conf files of NDS and kept in the slapd.conf of OpenLDAP and started slapd server. It did not give any error and started properly. Now when I am inserting the ldif file which I used with NDS(worked fine in NDS), giving problem saying "Undefined attribute type". Can you please tell me where is the problem. An example of attribute and object class are
attribute name1 cis single
objectclass employee
superior top
In the above example we did not mention oid for attribute and it worked fine in NDS. But it is not working in OpenLDAP 2.*
If we want to make the above format to work what we should do?
Is oid mandatory?
Thanks in advance.
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