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Re: Access control question

thanks for your help,finally i got an acl like this:

access to dn="cn=[^,]+,ou=([^,]+),dc=com"
 by dn="ou=$1,dc=com" write
 by dn="cn=*,ou=$1,dc=com" read
 by * none

access to *
    by self write
    by * none

my tree is like this:
        ------ ou=a
the acl had achieved these effect:
1.every node write self
2.dn like cn=1,ou=a,dc=com can read other dn on level in same group
3.dn like cn=1,ou=a,dc=com can be write by its parent node

but i have a question is :
    why  cn=1,ou=a,dc=com can write cn=2,ou=a,dc=com

maybe i can't understand "$1", what it represent?

best regards,