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Authenticating against a winnt 4 PDC with a win2000 one way trust

First, I want to say I'm an LDAP newbie, so let me
know if you need me to expand on anything here. OK, so
I have a Win2000 Domain Controller with a 1-way trust
with a WinNT4 PDC (Win2000 domain trusts the users in
WinNT4 domain). WinNT4 holds user/group information.
What I would like to do is use LDAP to authenticate or
replicate users/groups from the winnt4 domain using
the win2000 domain controller as an LDAP server. Has
anyone done this, is it possible?? Is there a better

 ---------- winnt4 ---------- 1-way  ----------  
 + LDAP   +  auth. + Win2000+ trust  + winnt4 +
 + Client +------> + Domain +------->+ PDC    +
 +        +        + Cntrllr+        +        +
 ----------        ----------        ----------

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