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Re: schema syntax: Octet string vs IA5 string

At 03:53 AM 2001-11-29, Roel van Meer wrote:
>in my schema, i have an attribute which will contain an ip number.
>Should this have an Octet String syntax, or an IA5 String syntax?
>Logically, i would say it should be an octet string, but the nis
>schema uses an IA5 string.

Logically, I'd say it should be ipAddressSyntax (fictitious) which
constrained the value to an IP address and defined an appropriate string

>I noticed that indexes for the attribute differ in size. The
>attribute index file when using IA5 is 520192 bytes, while the index
>file for Octet string is 503808 bytes.
>Of course, the amount of disk space used is irrelevant, but i was
>wondering if the syntax type had any influence on search

Yes, generally a very small influence.