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How to acces the data(.dbb) files from other system

Hi Dear List,

i have few questions.i am using openldap 1.2.9 on linux box, and i ma planning to shift to version 3.

1) is it possible to store the ldap data files ( all the backend .dbb files) onto another system and multiple ldap servers (salpd) getting the data from that data files.
if yes where do i specify it.
one option that i can think of now is mounting via nfs,
but then do we have other options.
2) does ldap version 3 support the allid  Index mechanism. if yes what is the maximum number of id's that a ldap server can store while indexing. in both version 2 and version 3.
3) is the indexing mechanism followed in v3 the same as xldbm follows.
4)does version 3 use soundex algorithm or any other for searching like version 2.
5) do we have courier-imap authentication support for ldap version 3.for qmail we have .

thanks in advance