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R: Integer OID not found ??

> Hello,
> 	I'm using a schema for netmeeting that includes
> attributeType ( NAME 'sipAddress' SYNTAX Integer )
> slapd stops with error line 593: OID Integer not recognized
> 	What is this error ?
	check the openldap version you are using: I had the same problem until I
downgraded to version 2.0.7.

It seems that netmeeting schema (at least the one from freesoft) does not
work with newer version of openldap.

I have asked the same question but got no answer from this list.

Incidentally, with openldap 2.0.7 slapd does go up, but I can't use it with
netmeeting anyway... I wonder if anybody has a clue....


Pierfranco Bini