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Re: NET::LDAP moddn problems

> Derek Mailer wrote:
> I am developing a perl cgi application using the Net::LDAP
> modules.
> I can use the moddn function to change the dn of a leaf entry in
> the directory.  If I try to change the dn of an entry somewhere in
> the middle of the directory structure (one which has sub-entries)
> the operation fails.  I've experimented with moddn until blue in
> the face.

i could imagine (though i'm not sure) that if you would change one
of the middle RDN's of an entry, you would leave it's children as
orphans. This might be disallowed by the ldap server itself, instead
of being due to Net::LDAP.

> Does anyone know of a workaround for this?

I think you need to build the second subtree with the entries from
the first, and remove the first subtree later.

> Thanks in advance


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