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Protocol error. version not supported (-P 2 in ldap.conf?)

Hey there,

here's some client issues ...
when I use ldapsearch without the option -P 2, it tells me that the
server doesn't support my protocol. Seems obvious, since I'm using a
brand new library to connect to an older server.

So far, so good ...

But, how do I tell ldap.conf that the library should use the older
protocol to connect to the server?

By the way, I'm still searching for a possibility to tell the library
to use only basic authentification connecting to the (same) server.
Any hints how to configure ldap.conf?

For now, I only have these two entries in my ldap.conf:

BASE o=<mybasedn>
HOST www.xxx.yyy.zzz

Please rescue my brain out of the chains of the stupid :-)

Hoping For An Answer ... :-)