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Re: Different results from local than from remote query

Jorge Santos <jsf@dep3.fciencias.unam.mx> writes:

> Hello, using an ldapsearch command line from the host in
> where slapd is running returned the expected results.  But running the
> exact same command line from another host returned no results.  The
> mentioned command line is:
> ldapsearch -h dep1.fciencias.unam.mx -D 'uid=root,ou=People,dc=fciencias,dc=unam,dc=mx' -w yadayadayada -x -ZZ
> It seems to me as if the access control is being handled in two
> separate ways depending on the locality of the request but I couldn't
> find any info regarding this on the Administrator's Guide.
> Any ideas why this (unexpected) behaviour may be happening?
> Thanks in advance
> Jorge Santos

Ok, sorry, the ldap.conf ldapsearch (on the remote system) was reading
was not the one I thought it was.

Jorge Santos