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Re: ldapsearch fails partway through a search

> 1) Have you tried to reproduce the problem with a different number of
> records?

Whatever I add/remove, it always appears to fail after retrieving 17

> 2) Have you tried deleting your boss's record?

Yep.  Turns out he shouldn't take it personally. :)

> Are both machines identical in the operating system and thread support
> library? fenrir seems to be Debian, according to the slapd dump.

Yep, both running Debian GNU/Linux, testing distribution.  Both are
updated daily.  The package list on each is virtually identical (fenrir
has some extra -dev packages because it's where I've been building

> You may know that I'm having problems with threading on Red Hat 7.0. What
> threading libraries are you using on your Debians?

slapd claims to be using libpthread.so.0 which is from the libc6 package
(version 2.2.4-5).  I'm afraid I know nothing about threading libraries
graeme+sig@mathie.cx                          http://www.mathie.cx/~graeme/

I had a feeling you had already tried deleting records. The only thing I can think of is to delete the entire ldap database, create a new database with one record, and keep testing after adding each new record. As I'm sure you already realize, the important thing will be to not import anything exported from the current database with the error.

You've probably already tried starting over from scratch on the machine with the problem.

Thanks for telling me about your threading library. I'm a threading newbie too!

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