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ldapsearch fails partway through a search

I'm using slapd 2.0.14 on a pair of machines with tls, gssapi and
sasl support built in.  On one server (ldapsearch -H ldap://fenrir/),
it works flawlessly.  On the second server (ldapsearch -H ldap://hel/),
doing ldapsearch with SASL will fail after returning some of the search
results with "ldap_result: Can't contact LDAP server".  The debugging
output (ldapsearch -d 4095) is available at:


Without using SASL (ie ldapsearch -x), it works fine.  On fenrir, it
works fine (which has, as far as I can tell, the same data and exactly
the same software -- they are intended to be identical mirrors of each
other).  The data set is not big -- it's currently only 25 records.
It always stops at the same place (funnily enough, just before the
LDAP record for the owner of the company).  I cannot reproduce it with
'connection management' debugging enabled on the server, but with some
of the other debugging bits set (this may change as I'm still
experimenting) it's available as:


Any thoughts?
graeme+sig@mathie.cx                          http://www.mathie.cx/~graeme/