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Re: avoid line-wrap in output of slapcat

OpenLDAP Mailing List wrote:
> There is a perl module (LDAP::LDIF?) that handles this. I also wrote an
> ldif-parse Tcl script that handles this situation as well.
> I imagine there is a C fucntion that also does this (check out
> ldapadd.c) as well.
> What language will you be using?

perl probably. I don't need detailed ldif parsing however, and i'm
afraid using LDAP::LDIF will cost me much performance.

slapadd does str2entry(), just as slapcat dies entry2str(). They may
be usable, but it's overkill as well.

Probably the easiest way is to run the stream through a custom
program that replaces newline-space by nothing. That's not the
prettiest way, however.



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