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Re: [pamldap] don't retrieve owner whith ls -l

I have also installed nns-ldap 172 with openldap and pam-ldap. I thought that maby indexes was not updated or something like that? I had this problem with openldap 1.2.9 (with nss-ldap and pam-ldap) when I declared uidNumber and gidNumber as bin instead of cis.
maby is there somebody who had the same problem?

thank you very much

At 13:25 20/11/01 -0800, Erich Schneider wrote:
Lise Didillon writes:

>I've sucessfully installed openldap 2.0.15 with pam_ldap 131. I use
>nis.schema for the user and group. I've construct the directory with the
>migration tools. Then I have added a new user Lise and some other users
>with ldapadd.
>  I log as this new user Lise. all is Ok but when I run an "ls -l" it can't
>find owner files when the owner is one of the new user It just show the
>associated UidNumber.

You need to install nss_ldap. pam_ldap handles authentication only.

Erich Schneider  erich@caltech.edu  Caltech Information Technology Services