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Authenticating against Active Directory

I'm new to LDAP, so please forgive the simplicity of
this problem, but I am trying to do LDAP queries using
ldapsearch against another server. If I do this.

ldapsearch -h mydomain.theirdomain.com -x -v -b
'dc=mydomain,dc=theirdomain,dc=com' '(objectclass=*)'

It seems I get the root directory of the schema, which
is progress, but I need to get user information, so I
tried this.

ldapsearch -h mydomain.theirdomain.com -x -v -b

but I get no results. I probably have to Authenticate
against the server, but I've tried a number of
different methods (e.g. -W & -U Administrator &
others) to no avail. How do I authenticate against the

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