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Dear All:
 I posted the following message to development list, but
 I was suggested that I post it here.


I want to publish my mysql database through openldap. I
am using back-mysql.  I do not know whether your new patch
can solve my problem listed as follows:

I found that the filter can be only applied to select the
qualified objects. If an object has a multiple value types,
this filter defined in ldapsearch can never be passed to
the attribute selection.

For example, a person have four telephone numbers:
(Person is an object and the telephone numbers are
 attributes) (In the relational database, there is a
table storing the person information
and there is another table storing the telephone number)

Among these four numbers, two cell phone numbers and two
regular phone numbers, how can I list the person who has the
 cell phone and his cell phone numbers?
But I do not want to list his regular phone numbers.

The reason why I am asking for filtering attributes because
I want to reduce the data volume in an object.

Thank you very much.