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My name is Carlos Eduardo. I have a LDAP directory wich contains some active certificates used in my company. I'd like to know how can I replace a expired certificate with a new one using a ldif file. I've tried to use a ldif file like this:
version: 1
dn: dc=cmp, dc=rsfn, dc=net, dc=br
changetype: modify
add: usercertificate
to replace the old (expired) certificate in the "dc=cmp, dc=rsfn, dc=net, dc=br" entry.
I've used this ldif file with the following command line :
ldapmodify -x -W -v -D"cn=Deinf, dc=rsfn, dc=net, dc=br" -f test.ldif
Unitl now I'm having no success.
Thanks in advance,
Carlos Eduardo.