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Re: Max Concurrent connections on solaris2.7(openldap-2.0.11)

On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 10:37:14AM +0800, yanfeng wang wrote:
> dear all:
>   i have installed openldap-2.0.11 on solaris 2.7,but as the result my test, i can only get 57 concurrent connections to openldap server.
>   as i know ,iPlanet Directory server can support more than 5K concurrent connections.how do u think that ?
>   or ,any experience /suggestion or comments is welcome.
> .albert
> /2.95.2

We use 1.2.13 and get peaks of > 500 conns. Slaps fails at about 1000 
connections due to the use of select. I have a local workaround using
poll that is being 'tested' hard that will go as high as the limits
in the kernel. Even with only 20 or so conns we average 20-30 querys/s 
and see >100 queries/s at times. 

Just a thought.....

Have you checked with limit / ulimit before starting slapd that the soft
limit isn't set to something like 64. I have umlimit -n 1024 in my start
script to avoid cutting the server off earlier that it can handle.

Alister Winfield 	Easynet Limited 	Systems Developer