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authenticating through win Nt

      I am using openldap 2.0.11 , my slapd is running over linux enviornment , I have developed a client using the C sdks of umich,
Presently my client and server r both on Linux machine, but now I want to port the same client to windows Nt, with my server still on the linux machine.
How can I compile my client in windows Nt enviornment that authenticate my server over Linux. I have searched Lot of places but I am not able to find the libraries on windows nt env. that will compile my client. The link provided by openldap talks about installing server on the windows nt env or it provides the existing binaries.
I have also tried the Netscape SDK which is compiling but is unable to find the libraries. I was actually searching For win SDKs which is a freeware.
Can any body help or suggest over this