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boolean attribute problem

I defined the following attribute in my schema:

attributeType ( NAME 'GFUuserStatus'
	DESC '0 - Usuario desactivado, 1 - Activado'
        EQUALITY booleanMatch

It is basically an on/off attribute to determine if user is active or
not from certain apps.  

I tried using ldapadd using the syntax:

GFUuserStatus: 1
 in an ldif file, that otherwise works.

I get an error:

adding new entry "cn=ahorvilleur, ou=inet, dc=xxxxxxxx, dc=com"
ldap_add: Undefined attribute type
	additional info: GFUuserStatus: E

ldif_record() = 17

Any ideas?  Do I have to add boolean stuff differently?  thanks,

Fernando Medina, Jr.
Grupo Financiero Uno