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LDAP Architecture literature/samples


I am writing to this list because I have a general problem. Reading historic threads I found 
out, that there are some people with a wide range of knowledge concerning LDAP 
Architecture/Design reading this list. So I hope you can help me to solve my problem.

I'd like to create a concept for User/Group authentication. This should be based on a 
LDAP Directory. Containing Groups, Users (can be in more than one group) and entries 
for Applications (can be swing, PowerBuilder, ...) wich should contain accessrights for a 
group to the application (Menupoint or function).

We are using an Application Server but the solution should not depend on a specific 

Are there any reference projects which I can refer to or can anyone point me to a good 
book. I read several faqs and articles but they did not cover the things I'd like to know.

Thanks in advance.

Alexander Rohde