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Re: Replication of new suffix not possible?

> Hello,
> I have a system with one master and one slave, which is working fine.
> The rootdn and updatedn are of the following form:
> rootdn: "cn=AAA,o=CCC", 
> updatedn: "cn=BBB,o=CCC"
> There is already a tree with suffix "o=CCC" available in the database, now I
> want to add a new tree with suffix "o=DDD".
> In the slapd.conf files of both the master and the slave I added the
> following line 
> suffix    "o=DDD"
> Everything was restarted and then I try to add to following data:
> dn: o=DDD
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: organization
> o: DDD
> This is correctly added to the master, but the replication to the slave
> fails. I get the following error line in the .rej file:
> ERROR: Insufficient access.

This happens because there's an explicit check for the operating dn 
to be root in case an entry is directly appended to "" and "" is not
a backend suffix.

One quick solution would be to change your database suffix into "" only;
then, provided you give full write access to your updatedn, you'd be
able to add a new root leaf to your database.

A "long" term solution would be to allow the updatedn to do this operation
in lieu of root.  I'll check if this is feasible.