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Re: memberOf attribute

OpenLDAP Mailing List wrote:
> We have a similar problem here. We need to list the cn of each group
> member. Without a memberOf attribute, the process is:
> 1. Open group object.
> 2. Iterate though each member: attribute and open each user object to
> extact DN.
> This results in n+1 searches for n group members.
> With memberof, it is a single, simple query:
>     (&(objectclass=person)(memberof=<group dn>)), asking for DN and CN
> attributes.
> The second case is much faster (assuming you make an equality index on
> memberOf).
> The hard part is assuring referential integrity. We do this wth an OO
> abstraction above LDAP, but without transactionalism, it is quite
> difficult unless you are prepared to write a large amount of code.
> Transactions make things much nicer.
> I also schedule a cron process that ensures all the reverse indices are
> corrent, respecting the authoritative object in all cases.

Again, I think this use of the memberOf attribute is fine, but its 
update should be on the client side, not on the server side. For such 
feature you may define a (dn syntax) attribute of your own.


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