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Re: replication (sending to slave and have it update master)

Jan-Michael Ong wrote...:

> I think I managed to get the slave write the updates to the master
> using ldapsearch with the -C option but I'm not totally convinced.

you mean ldapmodify / ~add ..?

> a.) Why was I forced to add the ip address to grant the slave write
> access on the machine? Why couldn't it have picked up the admin's
> group memebership from the group?

'cause you didn't bind as admin to the masterserver..

> b.) Also I noticed that when I send an update to the slave, the
> master logs says that I bind anonymously

rebind with the -C option is always done anonymously due to security 
concerns. (don't pass along passwords to foreign servers..)

> Why is this so? Even if I bound as admin from the slave?

not "from" but "to" the slave..