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Re: Using MD5 passwords with LDAP

Em Fri, Nov 09, 2001 at 07:03:28PM +0530, Jatin Nansi escreveu:
> Hi
> Thanks for the reply, but as I have mentioned once below, and want to draw 
> yr attention once again to it that I tried using the openldap 1.2 rpms that
> came 
> with the rh7.0 system. I _am_ able to use MD5 auth with those. 
> I even tried it once on rh7.2, using openldap 2.11 and that also works.
> So finally it boils down to how redhat has managed to get this
> working.

There was a patch on this list (or openldap-devel? Can't remember) which
simply reordered the libs in the linking process, using glibc's crypt
(or md5) before openssl's. It seems openssl has such a function, but
with a different implementation.

Bottom line, I had tons of problems with openldap-2.x and md5 hashes,
I couldn't use the migration tools, for example, the hashes were useless.
Just reordering the libs and recompiling openldap-2.x did the trick
for me: