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Re: problem with searching on objectclass=bankDepartment

Hmm... I'm not sure if this adds any value but you may consider upgrading to 3.3.11 (the latest version). I encountered very similar results where the updates never show up even though when I dump an ldif to the file its there. So you may try upgrading to a newer db.


At 05:00 PM 11/12/2001 +0100, you wrote:

I think I have a problem with searching on index objectclass.

When I try to search with base "bankCode=3271,ou=LB,o=Rabobank,c=NL" with
filter "objectClass=bankDepartment"  no results are returned.
When I try to search on a different location, for example
"bankCode=3269,.....", some entries are returned.

BankCode 3271 DOES contain an object with objectClass=bankDepartment.

Reindexing the database with slapindex does not solve the problem (I also
removed the index-files before running slapindex); but after I modify the
entry with a browser (changing the cn for example), the search DOES find the
entry, so the modify solves the problem.

I think the problem is a slapindex problem; the database was reindexed
before the error occured.

I'm using Openldap version 2.0.18 and berkeley DB version 3.2.9.

Any Idea?



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