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ldif2ldbm in ver 2 series?

Hi everyone,

I've only just started using openldap and when I had problems getting a
database up I came across a posting that used a script to stop the daemon
delete the database, and then recreate it using ldif2ldbm.

I tried this on a Redhat 7.2 install using the servers rpm that came wtih
the distro, but failed.  Why?  ldif2ldbm was missing.

Is this a stand along executable or is it a script.  I tried hitting google
and the mailing list archive to find further refrence to this program, but
found none.  I guess my question is, is ldif2ldbm missing or not?

I got the server up in the end using the same text file I created for
ldif2ldbm by using ldapadd.