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Benchmark for OpenLDAP + Kerberos ?


I'm looking into using OpenLDAP with Kerberos for authentication.  Currently 
OpenLDAP 2.0.7 with password stored in LDAP in MD5 format is being used.  I've
some questions in this area:

- we've some web applications that produce bursts of authentication requests at 
  the same time (100+ per minute).  Will there any performance issue if we
  migrate user authentication information to Kerberos under such loading?
- any tools to migrate passwd in MD5 to Kerberos ?
- will it be secure enough to stay with current setup instead of using Kerberos?

I'm new to Kerberos.  Sorry for the newbie questions.

Thanks in advance.
ST Wong

S.T. Wong                               | Email: st-wong@cuhk.edu.hk