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Replaying rejected replication records?


I'm having a spot of trouble regarding replication.

I had a configuration problem with my slave LDAP server, so a lot of
replication records now sits in a reject-file, with an "ERROR:.." as
first line of that file.

I've now fixed the configuration problem, and would like to fill these
failed replications into my slave server.

According to the slurpd(8) manpage and the Admin Guide, sec 10.5.2, I
should be able to 'replay' these changes by doing a "one-shot" run:

  slurpd -r <reject-file> -o

But this only yields "skip repl record for <slave> (old)" in the log.
Apparently, slurpd heeds the timestamps in the reject and status files.

So - how *do* I replay these failed entries into the slave server?

Please advise.

Lars Thegler