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index issue on Solaris 7

I'm having an index problem with OpenLDAP 2.0.15 running on Solaris 7.
Specifically the performance of this server on substring searches is much
worse than that of another server running RedHat Linux even though the
hardware of the Linux box is inferior.

I defined the _same_ indexes on each and synchronized most other
configurations (e.g. logging, ACLs, etc). To test, I import data, run
slapindex, and test some searches. The search on the Linux server returns
immediately, and the search on the Solaris server takes a long time. Plus
the cpu spikes on the Solaris server as it would if I had no indexes for
relevant attributetypes, which indicates that the index isn't doing its job.

These are my index definitions:
index           objectClass     pres,eq
index           uid,ou          pres,eq,sub
index           growFactRole,growTempRole       pres,eq,sub
The index files do appear (although indexing pauses for a while when the
files reach something 8192 bytes which is coincidentally the size of the
nextid.dbb file...don't know how to interpret this...)

This is my search:
/usr/local/bin/ldapsearch -x -H ldap:// -s sub '(uid=*1243)'

Any clues? Tips on how I should debug? I've been through this indexing
process many times before without any trouble.