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Order of variables in ldap_attr_mappings.add_proc


I'm working on integrating a MySQL DB into OpenLDAP as backend using the
provided back-sql package. One problem I have not been able to solve
yet is with the order of variables in ldap_attr_mappings.add_proc. As
I can't call a stored procedure in MySQL, I have just plain SQL in there,
for example something like:

  update my_table set my_attr = ? where my_id = ?;

The point is that back-sql replaces the first ? with the key and the 
second with the value; wrong order here.

I have tried this:

  set @key=?; set @value=?; 
  update my_table set my_attr = @value where my_id = @key;

But that gives syntax errors when run by back-sql (but works with
the MySQL command interpreter). Does anyone have a solution for 
this? Plus, does anyone actually use MySQL together with OpenLDAP for 
read/write operations (thinking about ldap_oc_mappings.create_proc, 
ldap_oc_mappings.delete_proc etc.)?

University of Zurich, Centre for Computing Services 
Luzian Scherrer <lsc@zi.unizh.ch> 
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