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Re: connecting multiple DSA's on one server - back-meta / back-ldap

> Hi,
> I need to glue together multiple DSA's on one server to form a single DIT.
> At present I am using referrals to achieve this.  Unfortunately, this
> approach leads to multiple network round trips from the client (as LDAP
> referrals are processed client side).
> Are there any alternatives in OpenLDAP to achieving a single DIT without
> passing referrals back to the client?  Would back-meta or back-ldap be a
> better solution?

Would work.  Whether it is a better solution or not, it depends.
While referrals are a standard, back-ldap and significantly back-meta
are not (back-ldap would be of little help in this case, though).
Moreover, back-meta is far from stable; I'm using it without appreciable
problems, but I can't affirm it is bug free.
However, it would surely achieve your goal, that is moving most of the
network traffic to the server side.  You may also exploit some
of its rewrite capabilities.  Be sure you carefully read the examples 
and the document in librewrite if you need to do anything but a plain
installation.  Feel free to ask further details.