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Re: crypt userPassword

At 21:40 05/11/01 -0800, Todd Lyons wrote:
Lise Didillon wanted us to know:

>But why is the userPassword value base64 encoded with openldap 2.x? (it was
>not encoded in openldap 1.2.9)

I think it has to do with the non-alphanumeric characters { and }.  If
you set it to just a text string, I think you'll see those characters.

Thank you for your explaination, but how to set it as a text string?
I prefer to do not make any change in the schema, because I'm using openldap with pam-ldap and nns-ldap for users, and groups. so every things for manage them are already done (shemas, Migrationtools from /etc files, etc.). So I don't know how to do that and if it's better or not and if this will have some repercussion on the authentication process.

When the attribute has a double colon ("::"), it means it's base64

well, when I've seen that in the ldapsearch return I didn't understand what it means.

best regards,
Lise Didillon