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problem with pam and win2000 pro


My config is : linux mandrake 7.1 with openldap 1.2.11
All is ok.
I was using the pam_ldap module on my linux system to authenticate user for 
samba connections, it is ok on a windows95 system to connect to a share 
connection on the linux server across openldap, but when I migrate my machine 
on win2000 Pro it says for the connection : "the machine is not autorized to 
connect on this host" !! (??) (I' ve not changed anything of configs)
What could happen?
Is it possible to connect with a windows 2000 pro machine on a linux samba share
across openldap ?
Is this a openldap or Samba question ? I don' t know ...
... windows is borring me
I dream of a compatible world, y dream ...

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