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NIS attributes/objects

Hi all,

I have come so far as to store users, groups and mail aliases in my LDAP
server. I would like be as standard-conformant as possible when populating
my LDAP namespace and I think I have done rather well so far. However as I
as of yet not use the LDAP server directly for authenticating my Unix
machines I cannot be 100% sure that I am doing it correctly.

Now I am turning my attention to the task of moving NIS maps in general to
the LDAP server and I am having trouble finding good documentation on the
usage of some attribute types and object classes, namely some ot the ones
in NIS schema (nis.schema) that comes with OpenLDAP.

Specifically I would appreciate very much if someone could explain how the
attributes of the nisMap and nisObject object classes map to my NIS maps?

Say, if I have a generic NIS map like auto_home with entries like

erik	server:/export/home/erik

would the equivalent in LDIF look something like:

dn: nisMapName=auto_home, ou=NISmaps, dc=example, dc=com
objectclass: nisMap
nisMapName: auto_home

dn: cn=erik, nisMapName=auto_home, ou=NISmaps, dc=example, dc=com
objectclass: nisObject
nisMapEntry: server:/export/home/erik
nisMapName: auto_home

I realize that I might have missed some important piece of information,
so I will be equally as happy for a pointer to such information.


Erik Persson, System Manager            <erik@roxen.com>
Roxen Internet Software                 Voice:  +46 13 376817