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Re: exit while in ldap_ld_free

Well, that's what I did first, when I wrote my program for non TLS
connections. But, my program was crashing regularly when I called this
function after I received a LDAP_SERVER_DOWN error as result of a
ldap_search_st. Just suppressing this call was provoking memory leaks that's
why I ended up with using ldap_ld_free, which worked perfectly well. Now
that I am trying to deal with TLS connections, ldap_ld_free doesn't work

So I've decided to upgrade the library from 2.0.11 to 2.0.15 in case some
problems related to mine had been solved.
First, I've had problems with ldap_start_tls_s (I get the error 0x1
OPERATIONS ERROR ). So I decided to use ldap_simple_bind_s without calling
ldap_start_tls_s before, and in this case the connection works. This solved,
I've tried again to run my simple test : stop the LDAP server and send a
search request. Well, nothing has changed with this version, it still exits
in ldap_ld_free. To be sure there really was a problem, I replaced
ldap_ld_free with ldap_unbind as you suggested, but it is worse because my
program exits not only with TLS connections but also with non TLS

So what am I supposed to do after this LDAP_SERVER_DOWN error ? Nothing but
cry after my memory leaks (Well I've not checked they still exist in 2.0.15
but I somehow feel that I need to do something with my still allocated

Please, please, please, I really need help on this! Any hint will be really

Virginie Seltrecht.

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Subject: Re: exit while in ldap_ld_free

> At 03:07 AM 2001-10-30, SELTRECHT Virginie - REN wrote:
> >I then call ldap_ld free
> You should use ldap_unbind() not an internal API function.