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RE: 2.0.18 SLAPD crashes RH7.1


I've been having problems with my 2.0.11 this last week myself, it just dies
randomly, with no explanation as to why this might be going on ...

This is on a highly upgraded RH6.2 though ... But I do plan on eventually
upgrading everything to it's latest versions in the next 6 months ...

I tried re-indexing the data, adding full logging, still no clue ...

I did try to upgrade to 2.0.18 but ran into problems (schema related, not
stability) so reverted back to 2.0.11 ... I'm wondering if maybe some pieces
of the software got "mangled", depending on how smart the install part of
the make script is ... Ever since then, it tends to die ...

I have a 2.0.18 setup on RH7.1, but for now I'm only using the library
features for client connections.

My .02$ !


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From: E M Recio [mailto:n2wog@usa.net]
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 10:44 AM
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Subject: 2.0.18 SLAPD crashes RH7.1


Just wondering if anyone had any issues with openldap 2.0.11. It seems that
after 45 minutes of ldap adds, after 2,044 records inserted, slapd seems to
just crash. I am running redhat 7.1 on a Dell 6550. This redhat 7.1 is out
the box, does anyone know of any issues with openldap and redhat?

I also tried version 2.0.18 and it doesn't stay up at all. After a connect
server crashes.

-Elmo Recio

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