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How to use Sybase as Backend to Openldap ?

Hi all,
	I want to use Sybase as Backend to openldap. I have configured my
openldap by using --enable-sql.
            Now in order to connect to the sybase Server I have Installed ODBC
Driver(libiodbbc-2.50.3). But unable to connect to Sybase server.
	I have tested by using odbctest program. Its giving error that 
	[iODBC][Driver Manager]Dialog failed, SQLSTATE=IM008

	I have wirtten the iodbc.ini file which is like this ::

;  odbc.ini
[ODBC Data Sources]
OpenLink = OpenLink (MT)

Driver          = /usr/local/sybase/lib/libsybdb.so 
Description     = Sample OpenLink MT DSN
Host            = db1.hyd.office.juno.com 
Address 	= db1.hyd.office.juno.com:1500
ServerType      = Sybase System 11
FetchBufferSize = 99
UserName        = training
Password        = training
Database        = trainingdb
ServerOptions   = 
ConnectOptions  = 
Options         = 
ReadOnly        = no

Driver = /usr/local/sybase/lib/libsybdb.so

Can anybody help me out of this problem?

Thanks in advance,
Prem Shanker Chaudhary