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group.regex not implemented?

Hi There,

The last 4 hours i try to write an acl that give rights to an object for a
role (or group). i make a test-server for this with these 3 aci's:

my tree consists of more than on organisation-subtrees und c=de.
i want to make a rule that gives the OrganizationAdministratorRole (or
group) all rights for his subtree:

access to dn="^c=de$" by * read

access to dn="o=(.+),c=de$"
  by group.regex="^cn=admin,ou=Groups,o=$1,c=de$" write
  by * none

# anyone can bind
access to * by * auth

Can i forget my intention cause this is not implemented yet?

Is it my fault?

Has anybody here used such an ACL?

I hope somebody can help me with that.

   Sebastian Dietzold

Sebastian Dietzold
Institute for Medical Informatics,
Statistics and Epidemiology (IMISE)
University of Leipzig
Liebigstrasse 27
04103 Leipzig
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