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Re: ldapmodify interactive?

 Buon pomeriggio,

>Significantly, you are not entering the DN you want to modify,
:-) That was just a quick example. But, you are right in a different way....I was using a DN with no rights to read/write any record, that is why I was getting errors.

About the LDIF, is there some sort of converter to change the DOS <crlf> to a Unix <\n> ? Anyone knows?
I read in the FAQ that the <crlf> won't be accepted by a Unix Directory Server.

Grazie. :-)


Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

Edward Khoo wrote:

Hi folks,

Does ldapmodify.exe (compiled for Win2K using cygwin) have interactivity
with commercial (netscape) directory servers?

prompt> ldapmodify -D "o=company.com" -h -w passwd
>changetype: add
>telephonenumber: 987654321

I tried using it without success (as above), am I doing it wrong or it
is not a feature?

You must input a complete and correct LDIF entry. See the man page at http://www.openldap.org/software/man.cgi (check both ldapmodify(3) and slapd.replog(5)).

Significantly, you are not entering the DN you want to modify, and the
type of change you want to apply to the attibute. Your ldif should read (assuming you bound as the entry you want to modify):

dn: o=company.com
changetype: modify
add: telephoneNumber
telephoneNumber: 987654321