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Re: Regarding Ldap and Pine

Hi all,
I have downloaded openldap.It seems I will have to build the application.It will be really nice if any one can suggest ways to build/configure/run the directory server in windows nt.
Thanking u all
Soumya Das Gupta

From: lin s <lin_lin123@yahoo.com>
To: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
Subject: Regarding Ldap and Pine
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 23:12:37 -0800 (PST)

Hi all

This is regarding Pine and Ldap.
I have configured ldap to work with Pine.
The following is details of my Pine configuration.

ldap-server          = MyDomain.philnet
search-base          = dc=MyDomain,dc=philnet
port                 = <No Value Set: using "389">
nickname             = <No Value Set>

Features             =
            Set    Feature Name
            ---  ----------------------
            [X]  use-implicitly-from-composer
            [X]  lookup-addrbook-contents
            [X]  save-search-criteria-not-result
            [ ]  disable-ad-hoc-space-substitution

search-type          =
            Set    Rule Values
            ---  ----------------------
            ( )  name
            ( )  surname
            ( )  givenname
            ( )  email
            ( )  name-or-email
            ( )  surname-or-givenname
            (*)  sur-or-given-or-name-or-email

search-rule          =
            Set    Rule Values
            ---  ----------------------
            ( )  contains
            ( )  equals
            (*)  begins-with
            ( )  ends-with

email-attribute      = <No Value Set: using "mail">
name-attribute       = <No Value Set: using "cn">
surname-attribute    = <No Value Set: using "sn">
givenname-attribute  = <No Value Set: using

timelimit            = <No Value Set: using "30">
sizelimit            = <No Value Set: using "0">
custom-search-filter = <No Value Set>

But I have some problems
When I try search for a string on the Ldap Directory
server say
"String to search for : *  "
It shows me only partial result with the following
"[LDAP partial results: Size limit exceeded]"
I have kept the sizelimit to 0 then means it should
allow any number of

Also if I save the result of my ldap directory to the
local addressbook
and then try to compose a mail it gives me
in the To: field
What do i need to change?
Is there some wrong with the configuration?


Lin S

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