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Re: Problems with SASL, TLS, etc.

> From:  "Howard Chu" <hyc@highlandsun.com>
> Date:  Wed, 31 Oct 2001 13:52:11 -0800
> The Cyrus SASL setup took me a while the first time as well. What in
> particular are you trying to get working? Have you gotten the sample_client
> and sample_server working yet?

Well, a few months ago I tried to get this working and gave up.  I haven't 
done anything right now, so my memory is a bit fuzzy about exactly what went 
wrong then.  I was hoping someone had written something up that I could read 
before I try this again.

Since this is all behind a firewall anyway, the security isn't really the 
point (although more security certainly would be a good thing).  All I'm really 
trying to accomplish is to get ldapsearch to work w/o having to provide the -x
flag every time.


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