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Re: Linux User Authentication thru OpenLDAP

>What you're looking for is PAM (Pluggable Authentification Modules),
>especially pam_ldap. see www.padl.com. There are also Perl Scripts for
>migrating existing /etc/passwd & co.

It seems to be that these very "basic" questions get asked here ALOT, over and
over.  I wonder if modifying the OpenLDAP home page to include some obvious
links to specific projects like PADL would help.  Or maybe including them in the
message one recieve upon subscribing to the list  (assuming these are posted by
new people to LDAP who have just joined the list).

Disclaimer:  I'm not a member of the OpenLDAP project and don't want to step on
any webmasters toes,  this is simply something that occured to me.  I think
OpenLDAP is an incredible open source project,  and the OpenLDAP project people
are brilliant.  Nothing meant against the people who post these questions
either,  I was new to LDAP not so long ago and it took me over a year to figure
out MOST of what was going on  (The documentation is scattered, IMHO).

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