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Q: ldapmodify and multiple replacements in a ldif file


I am scripting that ability for updates to our LDAP directory
and I am trying the following ldif file to perform the changes:
(BTW: I am using the qmail.schema)

dn: cn=tim,dc=domain.com,o=emailservice,c=us
changetype: modify
replace: mailHost
mailHost: mail4.domain.com
replace: mailForwardingAddress
mailForwardingAddress: tim@mail4.domain.com

When I just ldapmodify with this ldif file I get:

modifying entry "cn=tim,dc=domain.com,o=emailservice,c=us"
ldap_modify: Undefined attribute type
        additional info: replace: attribute type undefined

Am I doing something wrong with my attempt at multiple replaces
within one ldif file, or is there some other way to format this
file that will work? Individual replace ldif files work, but
I would like to do all the replaces as once.


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