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Passwd backend

I've built my own openldap binaries and installed these.  I currently
have a true LDAP database of users/groups.  I'd like to, since there are
no decent drop-in replacements for various user utilities, have the
users and groups stored in the default UNIX passwd/group files.  I know
openldap has a passwd backend (which I enabled in my build) but I can't
get it to work.

I gave it it's own base dn (dc=test, just for know) but if I search in
dc=test, it gives me results from the current real user database (stored
in LDAP database, on the same server) but the results are given with
dc=test... i.e., a user "uid=fake,dc=real" that is in the LDAP database
but not the /etc/passwd file is returned, but as "uid=fake,dc=test".

What is going on?  Are there any examples of configuration files that do
this that work correctly?  I can't figure out what is wrong with mine.

Sean Etc.